A travel carbon footprint calculator for scientific seminars. – README.md


Travel Carbon Footprint Calculator


  • Content is in content.yml.
  • Configuration is in content.yml.
  • HTML templates are in flaskr/templates.
  • Estimation Models are in flaskr/laws.
  • Controllers are in flaskr/controllers.


Works on Python 2.7 up to 1.2 version. Works on Python 3.7 from 1.3 version.

Create a virtual environment

You don't have to. But it's useful for development.

virtualenv .venv

Then, source it to enable it.

source .venv/bin/activate

Install the python dependencies

You will need Cython.

sudo apt install cython
pip install -r requirements.txt

Create an empty database

python manage.py createdb

Configure the secrets

cp .env.dist .env
nano .env

Configure permissions

var/runs must be writeable by the application. It is the file-based part of the database.

Build CSS and JS (for prod)

flask assets build


source .venv/bin/activate
source .env.flaskrun
flask run

Then, visit http://localhost:5000